Monuments and Headstones

Permanent memorials, headstones and grave markers identify your loved one’s final resting place and provide a physical reminder of the relationship you shared. These monuments create a place to gather in memory of those lost, and to inform future visitors to the site of the lives that were lived. Many families find comfort in the process of designing fitting memorials for those who have passed on and in visiting their chosen monuments throughout the grieving process.

We are happy to work with you to create a permanent tribute to the life of your loved one. No matter what you have in mind, any gravestone or larger memorial structure you can dream of can be created for you. Click here to begin the process.

Monument Materials

Physical monuments can be created using a number of different materials. Our monument provider offers several different colors of granite grave markers and headstones, as well as cast bronze options. Granite memorials can be configured in a number of different shapes (described below), while bronze markers typically lie flush with the burial ground. Both materials can be used to create monuments at a wide variety of price points to suit your family’s needs.

Monument Configurations

We offer a number of different monument styles, giving you the opportunity to commemorate your loved one’s life in whatever way feels most appropriate to you. The following configurations are available:

  • Upright Monuments
  • Flat or Flush Marker
  • Bevel Marker
  • Slant Marker
  • Specialty Monuments
  • Benches

Monument Ornamentation

We offer ornamental carving, laser etching, porcelain portraits and other unique personalization options.

Veterans Monument

We can assist your family with VA provided headstone and markers to honor your loved one. Visit Veterans Monuments to find more information.

We understand that the process of selecting a permanent monument for your loved one can feel overwhelming. Our office is here to assist you in any way possible with your final decision. If there is anything we can do to support you during this time, please don’t hesitate to let us know.