Green Burial

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “A man is related to all nature.” As we come to truly realize the largely negative impact human beings have on our environment, we seek new ways of caring for ourselves that are, in turn, more caring of nature. Green burial is one such way, where we care for the physical remains of a loved one with minimal environmental impact.


As eco-friendly green burial services have become more mainstream in the mind of American families, Brown Funeral Home and Cremation Services has taken the lead in the Niles area. We are certified by the Green Burial Council, and have taken the time to add a selection of bio-degradable products to our selection of merchandise. In this way, families have as many ‘green’ options as possible.

To learn more about green burial with Brown Funeral Home and Cremation Services, please contact one of our funeral service professionals today, at (269) 683-1155. We’ll be pleased to share our knowledge, expertise, and eco-friendly options with you.